Party Tips


The A B C of P A R T Y

A is for Action

Kids love to run, jump, climb, slide… any action activity is great for parties. Not only does it keep the kids happy, it also helps release all the excess energy obtained from all the sweets.

B is for Baking

Eats and treat don’t have to be costly. Kids will be more than happy with a few treats. Maybe having some “real” food too as you don’t want the kiddies to fill empty tummies with just sweets.

C is for Cake

The most important moment is of course the blowing out of the candles. There are some awesome cakes to choose from nowadays, but remember kids are not fussy as long as there’s candles to blow out.

D is for Décor

Depending on your budget you can go all out and go completely overboard, or you can just to a few simple things to create theme that will look just as nice.

E is for Entertainment

Entertainment for birthday parties is endless. You can hire clowns, face painters ect or sometimes just a simple jumping castle will do the trick.

F is for Friends

Get a class list from your toddler’s teacher and if possible, try to invite the whole class so that nobody feels left out

G is for Games

Party games are fun and a great way of keeping everyone busy. There is a lot of different games you can play like musical chairs, pin the tail, ect

H is for Helium balloons

Balloons can be a hazard for little kids, so best to keep them out of reach. Helium balloons is then the answer. Balloons always add a nice birthday feel to your party décor.

I is for Invitations

Making invitations can be fun to do. With computer access and a few arts and craft piece you can make a great invite.

J is for Jumping castle

Jumping castles appeal to all age groups and is a great way to keep kiddies busy for hours. Nobody can resist the urge to jump, so go on and give it a bash too – nothing like rediscovering your inner-child!

L is for Laughter

A successful birthday party can always be rated by the amount of laughter that you hear around you!

M is for Mommies

Don’t stress too much about the mommies (and daddies). Most mommies will be happy if their kids are having fun and they can relax for a while.

N is for Noise

Expect lot of noise! A party is the one time where kids should be allowed to be loud. Warn your neighbors and let the kids enjoy themselves.

P is for Party pack

This is a nice little something you can give to each child before they go home as a “thank you for coming” gift. Kids love getting a something to take home with them.

Q is for Quiet time

After all the chaos is over and kids have gone to bed – take a nice long, hot bubble bath and just relax!

R is for Refreshments

On hot days, juice will do for adults. On a colder day you can add coffee and tea. Avoid sugary fizzy stuff for the kids which will make them bouncing off the walls in no time.

S is for Safety

Try to keep the kids together at all times. It might be a bit difficult keeping an eye on twenty kids if they all going in their own direction. Close off unsafe areas and never let kids go to the pool alone.

T is for Themes

There are plenty of themes to choose from these days. Choose something that your child likes as a theme. With alder kids, you can let them choose their own theme.

U is for Undercover

Make sure that there is some cover wherever you host your party. Gazebo’s a great way to ensure shade.

V is for Venue

There are some great venues around that help with not having the mess at home, but having a party at home will always be the best – if you have the space.

W is for Weather

You will have to consider the weather before deciding on activities and venue. Whether your party is in summer or winter always have an indoor back-up plan in place if you doing an outside party.

X is for Xtreme excitement

If your child isn’t just about jumping out of their skin in anticipation of the party then you doing something wrong!

Y is for Yacking

Take a time to enjoy the party too. If you can, hire someone to help with the décor and set-up, so that you also have some time to celebrate this day.

Z is for Zzzzzzzzz

The best part of the party – the kids will sleep wonderfully afterwards and so will you!

Party Buddies can take care of the A B C ofyour P A R T Y.

Contact us for a quote to suite your budget, space and expectations!!!!

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